Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's All About The Pig....

They say bacon is the gateway meat.  Let's face it, even crappy store bought bacon tastes pretty damn good. It is the one thing that even vegetarians say they miss or would want to try if they ate meat. If you think about it, the pig could very well be the most perfect and "magical animal"(thanks Homer Simpson) there is. Seriously. Ham, ribs, chops, pork rinds, endless sausage opportunities, and of course bacon all come from this one tasty animal.

After a successful mass tasting of my last batch of bacon at our Cub Scout campout last weekend, I decided to cure another pork belly and make some more bacon.

The blueprint is a 16 pound skin-on pork belly. After trimming and removing the ribs(bonus!), there was a yield of right at 13 pounds. After cutting it into three manageable chunks as seen in the picture above.
It currently sits in a curing solution consisting of kosher salt, pink salt(has a bit of nitrite to retard bacteria), dextrose(sugar), and brown sugar.

After 9 days in the cure, it will be ready for the
next step- the smoke process.

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